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    Probability Questions

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    Prepare answers to the following assignments:

    1. Sixty percent of the students at Scandia Tech drive to class and 30 percent have GPAs of at least 3.00. Ten percent of the students have a 3.00 GPA and drive to class. If we select a student at random, what is the likelihood that the student had a 3.00 or drives to class?

    2. There are 18 players on the roster of the Ludlow Wildcats baseball team. Of the 18 players 8 are currently enrolled in college. The coach decides to name tri-captains and to select them at random. The names of the players are placed in an old baseball hat and three selected at random.

    a. What is the probability none of those selected are college students?

    b. What is the probability of selecting one college student and two non-college students?

    3. The are 600 employees at the Tuesday Morning's Department Store corporate headquarters in Columbia.

    See the following breakdown.

    Gender No college College Total

    Male 25 225 250

    Female 75 275 350

    Total 100 500 600

    An employee is selected at random.

    a. What is the probability the employee is female?

    b. What is the probability the employee is either female or attended college?

    c. What is the probability the employee attends college given a female employee?

    4. There are 18 sales representatives employed at AVC Electronics, ten of which are women. If we select four sales representatives at random to attend a conference, what is the likelihood three of the four are women?

    Note: Methods of computation could include the usage of Excel®, SPSS®, Lotus®, SAS®, MINITAB®, or by hand computation.

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