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    Probability - Orange dealership

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    The manager of an Orange dealership keeps records on customers visiting the store. Records show that 40% of the people visiting the store are female. Thirty-five percent (35%) of the females visiting the store will buy an Orange. The records also point out that 20% of the males visiting the store will buy an Orange.

    a) What is the probability that the customer coming to the store will buy an Orange?
    b) What is the probability of a customer buying an Orange given that the customer is a female?

    Please help!

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    The question says 40% of the people who visit the store are female, so 60% are male.

    a) The probability that something will happen is the number of ways that thing can happen/ the total number of ways things can happen. Here we ...

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    Using step by step explanations and calculations, this solution determines probability of the customers buying and Orange and being female. A reference is also included.