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Probabilities and conditional probabilities.

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I have been struggling with theses two following problems:
illustration: age a(0.00%) b(0.01-0.9%) c(>_0.10%)
d 0-19 142 7 6 155
e 20-39 47 8 41 96
f 40-59 29 8 77 114
g 60 or over 47 7 35 89
---- --- ---- ----
265 30 159 454
a) using the information above calculate the following p(A or D), P(b or f), P(c or G), P(b or C or G)

b)using the table calculate the conditional probability of C given each of the age groups, or p(c/d), P(c/e), etc compare these probabilities and speculate as to which age groups seem more likely than others to have been (according to the legal definition at that time, 0.10% blood alcohol content) intoxicated at the time they were victims.

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