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    One Time Fling - Binomial Model

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    4. Sociology: Ethics. The one-time fling! Have you ever purchased an article of clothing (dress, sports, jackets, etc.) worn the item once to a party, then returned the purchase? This is called the one time fling. About 10% of all adults deliberately do a one-time fling and feel no guilt about it. (Source: "Are you Normal?" By Bernice Kanner St. Martin's Press) In a group of 7 adult friends, what is the probability that:

    a) No one has done a one-time fling
    b) At least one person has done the one time fling?
    c) No more than two people have done a one-time fling?

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    This is a problem on binomial probability.

    p = 10% = 0.1, q = 1 - p = 0.9, n = 7

    P(n, r) = nCr ...

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