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    Negative Binomial Distribution

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    For each example state whether or not the negative binomial distribution is appropriate, briefly explain why or why not.

    1. Number of cars passing along a road until five red cars have passed.
    2. Number of cars passing along a road until five commercial vehicles have passed.
    3. Number of cars passing along a road until five have passed with at least one of the letters X, Y, Z in their number plate.
    4. Number of cars passing along a road until 5 have passed containing only the driver.
    5. Number of people who enter a shop until 5 men have entered.
    6. Number of children entering a school until 5 enter with glasses have entered.
    7. Number of tosses of a coin until 5 tails have appeared.
    8. Number of cards dealt from a pack of 52 cards until there are 5 black cards.

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    1 Yes Meets all the conditions (*) of a Negative Binomial Distribution
    2 No Here, the success (5 commercial vehicles) depends upon something else, that is cars.
    3 No The number of cars with letters X, Y or Z is limited. The probability of a second car having one of these letters is not the same as that of the ...

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