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Nash Equilibria

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The 31 members of the board of the Student S Inc. are about to take a secret ballot whether to accept the merger proposal of Student G. Corp. Each member can vote to accept the proposal, reject the proposal or to abstain. For the proposal to be accepted, 16 members must vote to accept it. All, the 31 members care about is being on the winning side. That is, if the proposal is accepted, each member would prefer to accept it; and if the proposal is rejected, each member would prefer to have rejected it. Find the two Nash equilibria for this game. What would you predict the outcome will be and why?

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This solution goes over probability concepts such as Nash equilibria in 230 words.

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The links are are helpful examples of how to find simple Nash Equilibrium. They should help you understand the idea.

In this case all people voting one way or the other will create ...

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