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Model to optimize number of possible bids given budgets

The attached files provide a definition of the problem, especially the powerpoint slide.

Given the information, I am trying to develop a linear programming model such that I maximize the number of possible bids given the limited resources of budgets and writers. Essentially, which of the 10 bids should I take on, given the limitations of availability and cost of writers.

I am assuming all bids are released for bid at the same time and are due at the same time over a 4 week period.


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I took into account the probability of the bid's success on the expected estimated profit

I also assumed that the problem at hand is only for 4 weeks, hence the constraint I defined for the labor requirements.


I have ten targets
Project Project
($) Probability of Success Estimated
Bid Cost ($) Allowed
Labor ($) Estimated Project Profit ...

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A linear programming model to optimize a number of possible bids given budgets are examined.