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    Binomial Distribution

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    1. A random variable X has a binomial distribution with mean 6 and variance 3.6. Find P(X = 4).

    2. A certain type of mint has a label weight of 20.4 grams. Suppose that the probability is 0.90 that a mint weighs more than 20.7 grams. Let X equal the number of mints that weigh more than 20.7 grams in a sample of eight mints selected at random.
    a) How is X distributed if we assume independence?
    b) Find:
    (i) P(X = 8)
    (ii) P(X ≤ 6)
    (iii) P(X ≥ 6)

    3. Suppose that the percentage of American drivers who are multitaskers (e.g., talk on cell phones, eat a snack, or text message at the same time they are driving) is approximately 80%. In a random sample of n = 20 drivers, let X equal the number of multitaskers.
    a) How is X distributed?
    b) Give the values of the mean, variance, and standard deviation of X.
    c) Find:
    (i) P(X = 15)
    (ii) P(X > 15)
    (iii) P(X ≤ 15)

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