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High School Statistics Sample Problems

1. Find the probability of the following card hands from a 52-card deck. In poker, aces are either high or low. A bridge hand is made up of 13 cards.


In bridge, 6 of one suit, 4 of another, and 3 of another
A) .0133 B) .0022 C) .0060 D) .00055

In poker, a flush (5 in same suit) in any suit
A) .00198 B) .000347 C) .00122 D) .000495

2. If a license plate consists of two letters followed by four digits, how many different licenses could be created having at least one letter or digit repeated.

A) 4,009,824 licenses
B) 3,276,000 licenses
C) 3,484,000 licenses
D) 6,760,000 licenses

3) If the life of a car engine, calculated in miles, is normally distributed, with a mean of 240,000 miles and a standard deviation of 10,500 miles, what should be the guarantee period if the company wants less than 2% of the engines to fail while under warranty?

A) Less than 218,370 miles
B) Less than 209,760 miles
C) Less than 261,630 miles
D) Less than 231,180 miles

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