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    Finding the probability of observing an event.

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    Items coming off a production line are categorized as good (G), slightly blemished (B), and defective (D), and the percentages are 80%, 15% and 5%, respectively. Suppose that two items will be randomly selected for inspection and the selections are independent.
    (a) List all outcomes and assign probabilities.
    (b) Find the probability that at least one of the items is slightly blemished.
    (c) Find the probability that neither of the items is good.

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    Solution. We label two items, i.e., item 1 and item 2. If two items are good, we denote it by GG; similarly GB denotes that item 1 is good and item 2 is slightly blemished; and so on.
    (a)There are 9 possible ...

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    This problem begins by calculating all the probabilities associated with selecting two items from an assembly line as a sample. Next the probabilities of of finding products in various conditions in the sample, namely: blemished or good. Responses are hand calculated.