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    Computing Probability and Deciding Extreme Samples

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    a random sample of n=9 scores is selected from a normal distribution with u= 80 and o=12. what is the probability that the sample mean will be between 76 and 84?
    * 0.9974
    * 0.2586
    * 0.6426 ( is this correct?)

    a random sample of n= 16 scores is selected from a normal distribution with u= 500 and o= 200. for this sample which of the following is true?
    * p(450<M<550)=0.95
    *p(402<M<598)= 0.95

    A sample is selected from a normal population with u= 50 and o= 12. which of the following samples would be considered extreme and unrepresentative for this population?
    *M=53 and n=4
    *M=53 and n= 16
    *M=56 and n=4 ( is this correct?)
    *M=56 and n=16

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    1. P(76<X<84)=P((76-80)/(12/sqrt(9))<Z<(84-80)/(12/sqrt(9)))=P(-1<Z<1)=0.6426 from standard normal table

    2. We know that P(-1.96<Z<1.96)=0.95. So we ...

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    The solution gives detailed steps on computing probability of normally distributed data and also deciding extreme samples.