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Chips in Urn Probability

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An urn contains 8 red chips, 10 green chips and 2 white chips. A chip is drawn and replaced and then a second chip is drawn. What is the probability of:

A) a white chip on the first draw

B) a white chip on the first draw and a red on the second

C) two green chips being drawn

D) a red chip on the second draw given a white chip was drawn on the first

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Probability of different colored chips being drawn is discussed in this solution. Scenarios of different color chips are determined.

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A probability provides a quantitative description of the likely occurrence of a particular event. Probability is conventionally expressed on a scale from 0 to 1, and is defined to be:
P(E) = number of outcomes corresponding to event E / total number of outcomes

This is a simple probability problem, the key to this type of problem is to tell whether these draws are independent or not. Since each drawn chip will be returned to the urn, we ...

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