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    Binomial Probability: Coke Or Pepsi Preference

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    Suppose 60 percent of all people prefer Coke to Pepsi. We select 18 people for further study.

    a. How many would you expect to prefer Coke?
    b. What is the probability 10 of those surveyed will prefer Coke?
    c. What is the probability 15 prefer Coke?

    How did you get your answer?

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    The number of people who prefer Coke, X, is a binomial random variable ,distributes as
    X~Bin(n,p), where n=18, p=0.6
    (a) The expected mean is np=18*0.6=10.8
    (b) ...

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    This solution is comprised of an explanation for the calculation of whether the 18 individuals in the study prefer Coke or Pepsi, using the binomial distribution.