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Binomial Distribution and Probability

Acme Plumbing Supply has just received a shipment of 5,000 valves for chemical plants, where regular steel valves would corrode. However, it is known that in the shipment 50 of the valves are regular steel which were inadvertently included.

Unfortunately there was no was to distinguish between the two types of valves. They have an order to ship 5 valves to a customer.

If acme fills the order, what is the probability that one or more will be a regular valve?

a. what distribution will be used?
b. what are the parameters of this distribution?
c. calculate the parameters.
d. represent the question as a probability statement.
e. calculate the probability?

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Probability that one or more valve will be regular =
<br> 1 - 50C0 * ((.01)^0)*(.99^5)( 0 regular valves selected out of that ...