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    Binomial Distribution

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    A hosptial has 500 patients - I sample 100 regarding opinion on quality of care - 74 are favorable. Data is assumed to be normally distributed. Use this sample to predict the population proportional and to do so with 98% confidence- (finite correct factor).
    a. what is the lower limit for this 98% confidence interval
    b. what is the upper limit fo rthis 98% confidence interval
    c. what is the upper limit for a 99% confidence interval?
    d. what is the upper limit for #15 if the sample size is 64?

    Thanks so much!

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    Favourable = 74%

    Unfavourable = 26%

    Sample Size = 100

    Std Dev = sqrt(npq)

    = sqrt(100*74%*26%)

    Z value for 98% Confidence = ...