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Finding probabilities of survival from sample drawn from the Titanic passenger roster.

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On the Titanic, the passenger roster showed that there were 1692 men, 422 women, 64 boys, and 45 girls. Only 332 men and 29 boys survived. 104 women and 18 girls died. Answer in reduced fraction form.
A. What is the probability of selecting a person from the roster who was a man who survived?
B. What is the probability of selecting a woman from the roster given the person is not a survivor.?
C. What is the probability of selecting a person from the roster who did survive or is a girl?
Please include formulas

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The following solution demonstrate how to calculate several different types of probabilities and provides relevant formulas.

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Total no. of people on Titanic= 1692+422+64+45= 2223.

A. Prob of selecting a man who survived = 332/2223

B. No. of non-survivors= ...

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