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Z-test on 52 sample to determine p-value and validate conclusion

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Please see the paper enclosed. Perform a Z -test on a 52 sample class (26 samples in the paper + 26 samples in the 2nd attachment), and determine the p-value to validate the conclusion (decision).

Please perform all the calculations similar to how it was done in the paper meaning not just giving me the result number but showing all the calculations step by step as I am trying to understand the whole thing.

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The expert performs z-test on 52 samples to determine p-values and validate conclusion.

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Please refer to the attachment.

Step 1: State the Null (H0) and Alternate (H1) Hypothesis
Since the issue in concern is still the same, both hypotheses are unchanged.
Therefore, we write:

Null Hypothesis: H0 <= 100 or Ms. Wife did, in fact, adhere to budget requirements
Alternate Hypothesis: H1 > 100 or Ms. Wife had exceeded the $100 budget

Step 2: Select a Significance ...

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