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Two hypothesis tests questions involving pressure and the bounce of tennis balls

Chapter 12 problem 11

A machine is set to produce tennis balls so the mean bounce is 36 inches when the ball is dropped from a platform of a certain height The supervisor suspects that the mean bounce has changed and is less than 36 inches. As an experiment 42 balls were dropped from the platform and the mean height of the bounce was 35.5 inches with a standard deviation of 0.9 inches. At the .05 significance level, can the supervisor conclude that the mean bounce height is less than 36 inches?

Chapter 12 problem 3
1. The hypotheses are H0: µ = 240 pounds of pressure and H1: µ not equal to 240 pounds of pressure.
1. A one-tailed test is being applied.
2. A two-tailed test is being applied
3. A three-tailed test is being applied.
4. The wrong test is being applied.
5. None of these is correct

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This posting shows how to perform a hypothesis test on the mean value of the bounce of tennis balls as well as answers a question on the characteristic of a null and alternative hypothesis test.