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Testing Random Samples

A) An iron foundry asserts that the mean weight of the castings it produces is 20.0 kg. The weights of a sample of 10- castings are:

19.8 20.3 20.6 21.1 19.3
19.6 20.1 20.8 21.1 21.3

Assuming that the weight of a casting has an approximately normal distribution, test whether or not the assertion is correct.

b) The police are increasingly concerned about the fact that large numbers of 999 calls are not true emergencies. They are contemplating using an advertising campaign to warn of the consequences of abusing the 999 number. Because of the cost of such a campaign, it can only be justified if more that 25% of all 999 calls are not emergencies. A random sample of 200 recent 999 calls is selected and it is determined that 66 were non-emergencies. Does this data support going ahead with the advertising campaign?

c) A students union uses the profits from a snack dispenser to help finance its activities. The price per snack had been 40 pounds for a long time, and the average daily revenue during that period had been 50.00 pounds. The price was recently increased to 45 pounds per snack. A random sample of the 20 days subsequent to the price increase showed a sample average revenue of 47.30 pounds with a standard deviation of 4.20 pounds. Does this data suggest that the true average daily revenue has decreased from its value prior to the price increase?

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This solution provides a null and alternative hypothesis for all cases and conducts a statistical test to determine the p-value. It also decides weather or not to accept or reject the null hypothesis. All steps are shown with explanations.