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Test for significant differences among 3 treatments

For the preceding problem you should find that there are significant differences among 3 treatments. The primary reason for the significance is that the mean for treatment 1 is substantially smaller than the means for the other two treatments.To create the following data we started with the values from problem 7 and added 3 points to each score in treatment 1. Recall that adding a constant causes the mean to change but has no influence on the variability of the sample.

In the resulting data the mean differences are much smaller than those in problem 7
1 2 3
n=6 n=6 n=6
M=4 M=5 M=6 N=18
T= 24 T=30 T= 36 G= 90
SS= 30 SS = 35 SS= 40 EX2 = 567
The e is summation
The 2 is to the second power

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From the given data we have the following:

Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample ...

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