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    Test of hypothesis sufficient evidence

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    Studies show that gasoline use for the hybrid cars that are sold in the United States is normally distributed with a mean of 51.7 miles per gallon (mpg) for 2002. A random sample of 49 of the newer hybrid cars is tested in 2004 and found to have an average of 54.2 mph on the highway and a standard deviation of 4.5 mpg. Is this sufficient evidence to conclude that the mean mpg is higher in the newer cars? Test the appropriate hypothesis using alpha = 0.05. Use the traditional method approach.

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    Null Hypothesis: Ho: M =51.7 mpg
    Alternative Hypothesis: H1: M > 51.7 mpg
    This is a one tailed test since we are testing whether M > 51.7 mpg
    If we were testing whether M not equal to 51.7 mpg we would have two tailed test ...

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    Tests the hypothesis that the mean mileage is higher in the newer cars.