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    Supermarket Display Effect on Sales

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    Does the type of display used in a supermarket affect the sales of products? As the regional sales manager for Aldi's Foods, you are interested in comparing the sales volume of Aldi's cola when the soft drink is displayed in the normal shelf location as compared to an end aisle promotional display. to test the effectiveness of the end aisle displays, you select 20 stores from the Aldi's supermarket chain that all experience similar store wide sales volumes. You then randomly assigned 10 out of the 20 stores to group 1 and 10 to group 2. The managers of the 10 stores in group 1 place the Aldi's cola in the regular shelf location alongside the other cola products. The 10 stores in groups 2 use the special end-aisle promotional displays. At the end of one week, the sales of Aldi's cola (12-packs) are determined. The results are provided below:

    end aisle sales (12-packs) normal shelf sales (12-packs)
    51 50
    44 47
    68 63
    61 62
    56 48
    47 39
    59 61
    58 52
    50 45
    55 53

    Using a significance level of a=.05 and the assumption that the population variances in weekly sales are not equal, does it appear that there is a significant difference in mean weekly sales when the cola is placed on the end aisle location rather than on the normal shelf display?

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