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Statistics for Managers - Qns 8-67, 9-89, 10-67, 11-11,12-67

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I need answers and solution the attached questions. This is very urgent ASAP please Thank u

ps: I need the answers to the following questions from the book:
Statistics for managers using Microsoft excel
5th edition


Question 8-67:
Companies are spending more time screening applicants than in the past. A study of ...

Question 9-89:
A manufacturing company produces electrical insulators. If the insulators break when in use, a short circuit is likely to occur. To test the strength of insulators...

Question 10-67:
The manager of computer operations of a large company wants to study computer usage of two departments within the company ...

Question 11-11:
The following data represent the nationwide highest yield of different type of accounts ...

Question 12-67
A company that produces and markets videotaped continuing education programs for the financial industry has traditionally mailed sample tapes ...

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