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    Statistical Analysis of Distance Traveled by Employees

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    As part of a study of corporate employees, the Director of Human Resources for PNC, Inc. wants to compare the distance traveled to work by employees at their office in downtown Cincinnati with the distance for those in downtown Pittsburgh. A sample of 35 Cincinnati employees showed they travel a mean of 370 miles per month, with a standard deviation of 30 miles per month. A sample of 40 Pittsburgh employees showed they travel a mean of 380 miles per month, with a standard deviation of 26 miles per month. At the .05 significance level, is there a difference in the mean number of miles traveled per month between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh employees? Use the five-step hypothesis-testing procedure.

    Can an explanation be included?

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    This solution uses a five-step hypothesis testing procedure by providing null and alternative hypothesis and calculating the test statistic to make a decision whether to accept or reject the null hypothesis.