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Statistic Hypothesis Test Question

1. Perform a regression hypothesis test on the data, using the research question below.

Research Question:

For many home buyers and banks the correlation between homes selling price and square footage may or may not play a major factor in the overall potential of the home, but we can nonetheless examine the relationship between selling price and square footage.
We have chosen a random sample of 30 homes, and for each home we have recorded the selling price and square footage of each home. The sample correlation coefficient r for our data is approximately 0.46. Based on these sample results, test for a significant linear relationship between the two variables selling price of the home and square footage by doing a hypothesis test regarding the population correlation coefficient p. (Assume that the two variables have a bivariate normal distribution). Use the 0.10 level of significance, and perform a two-tailed test.

The null hypothesis: p = 0

The alternative hypothesis: p =  0.

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Null and Alternate Hypothesis:

Null Hypothesis: The price of home does not have a significant correlation with square footage.

Alternate Hypothesis: The price of home has a ...

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