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Numerical and Verbal Hypothesis Statements

Identify a research issue, problem, or opportunity that uses data that has absolute zero measurements and ratio level data.

Create a paper that describes the results of a hypothesis test on your selected research issue, problem, or opportunity. Begin by describing your selection. Then, formulate both a numerical and verbal hypothesis statement regarding your research issue, and perform the five-step hypothesis test on data pertaining to your selection. Finally, describe the results of your test, and explain how the use of hypothesis testing can be used to evaluate solutions to your research issue, problem, or opportunity.

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One way to come up with a hypothesis for your research issue is to think about why some teens go on social networking websites when they should be doing their homework instead. What do you think causes this behavior or would predict it? You can come up with potential answers to this question in a variety of ways, but one particularly useful strategy, one that helps to ensure that the eventual hypotheses are original, is to perform a literature search to identify similar past studies and find out what was concluded and what remained unresolved (viz., the implications and future research directions typically addressed in the discussion section of research reports).

One possibility, for example, is that they are not getting enough time to socialize with their friends at other times of the day and ...

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This response conducts a hypothesis test for an issue that has zero measurements and ratio level data. Instructional aid to create a paper is provided as well.