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    What is the mean weight of a box of cereal?

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    A cereal company claims that the average weight of its cereal packages is 14 ounces. Eight packages are tested and the weights given below are measured. Test the claim at α=.0.01

    14.6, 13.8, 14.1, 13.7, 14.0, 14.4, 13.6, 14.2

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    In the present problem, there is one sample mean; however, the population parameters are not known. Thus, we should use the single sample t-test when the µx is known, but σ is unknown.
    Below is the test of the null hypothesis using the t-test.

    1. Hypothesis:
    µ is the population mean.
    H0: µ = 14
    HA: µ ≠ 14
    2.Calculate the ...

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    The solution addresses the claim that the average weight of its cereal packages is 14 ounces using the sample data. Calculations and interpretation of results are included.