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Inferential Statistics for different techniques of relaxation

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Three different relaxation techniques are given to randomly selected patients in an effort to reduce their stress levels. A special instrument has been designed to measure the percentage of stress reduction in each person. The data is shown below. You can assume normality and that good randomization and experimental procedures were used.

A researcher wishes to determine if the number of hours (Y) a person exercises per week is related to their age (X). The data is shown below, and you can assume a well designed experiment was use to obtain the data.

A researcher surveyed married women and single women to ascertain whether there was a difference in the number of books each had read during the past year.

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Null Hypothesis:
H0: There is no significant difference between ages and Experience.

Alternative Hypothesis:
H1: There is significant difference between Wages and Experience

Step 2:
Level of Significance:
At α= .05 the critical value is 1.645

Step 3:

= 66

= 264


Factor N Mean Rank Sum of Ranks
Married 1 11 14.91 164.00
2 12 9.33 112.00
Total 23

Test statistic:

= -2.03


Sine Z > Z 0.5 we reject the null hypothesis and conclude that There is Significant difference between Wages and Experience

Group Statistics

Factor N Mean Std. Deviation Std. Error Mean
Married 1 11 9.91 4.206 1.268
2 12 6.08 5.107 1.474

Independent Samples Test

Levene's Test for Equality of Variances t-test for Equality of Means
F Sig. t df Sig. (2-tailed) Mean Difference Std. Error Difference 95% Confidence Interval of the Difference
Lower Upper Lower Upper Lower Upper Lower Upper Lower
Married Equal variances ...

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Inferential statistics for different techniques of relaxation. Normality and randomization are discussed.