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    Inference: Mean study time for first year university students

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    A class survey in a large class for first year college students asked "About how many minutes do you study on a typical weeknight?" The mean response of the 269 students was x (bar over x) = 137 minutes. Suppose that we know that the study time follows a Normal distribution with standard deviation = 65 minutes in the population of all first year students at this university.

    Regard these students as an SRS from the population of all first year students at this university. Does the study give good evidence that students claim to study more than 2 hours per night on the average?

    (a) State null and alternative hypothesis in terms of the mean study time in minutes for the population.

    (b) What is the value of the test statistic z?

    (c) What is the P-value of the test? Can you conclude that students do claim to study more than 2 hrs per weeknight on the average?

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    (a) Ho: mu <= 120 minutes and Ha: mu > 120 minutes

    (b) z = (x-bar - ...

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    Using data from first year university students on their study habits, the Solution finds the null and alternative hypothesis for the mean study time, the value of the test statistic, and the P-value of the test.