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Independent & Dependent variables

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Choose a hypothesis and operationally define a variable in the hypothesis. Your operational definition will consist of measures at the self-report, behavioral, and physiological levels as well as a manipulation of the variable. Your operational definition should be written in such a way that you could measure and manipulate it in an actual experiment and it should be clear enough for other researchers to replicate it. 4 parts to this question

1. Self Reports: List four ways you can measure_______ using verbal self-reports or questionnaires. What kinds of questions could you ask a person directly to determine if the person was experiencing this variable?

2. Behavioral Observations: List four ways you can measure _____________ by observing behavior. What kinds of behaviors could you observe if a person was experiencing a variable?

3. Physiological Indices: List three ways you can measure _____________________ with physiological indicators. What physiological mechanisms would indicate that a person was experiencing a variabe?

4. Experimental Manipulations: List three ways you can measure ________ ethically in an experiment. What specific procedures would you use to create this feeling of behavior in an individual?

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