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Important information about Hypothesis Testing:Population Proportion

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Hypothesis test for two independent proportions

p1 p2 pc
0.0736 0.1717 0.1226 p (as decimal)
4/60 10/60 15/120 p (as fraction)
4.417 10.3 14.717 X
60 60 120 n

-0.0981 difference
0. hypothesized difference
0.0599 std. error
-1.64 z
.1016 p-value (two-tailed)

-0.1955 confidence interval 90.% lower
-0.0007 confidence interval 90.% upper
0.0974 half-width

Describe the results of this test, and explain how the findings from this hypothesis testing can be used to answer your research question?

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