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    Hypothesis Testing with Reliability in a Two-Tailed Test

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    Quarterly customer surveys are taken at a medical center. Each individual department has scores and is comparted to the medical center average. Department of Physical Therapy had scores of 9.14, 9.19 and 7.75 for quarters 1-3 respectively. The medical center had scores of 9.01, 9.00 and 9.05 for quarters 1-3 respectively.

    The mean average customer service score for PT for quarters 1-3, 2007 is 8.69. The mean average for the medical center during the same time frame is 9.02.
    What is the probability that quarter 4 PT scores will be less than a 10% standard deviation less than the medical center average warranting an action plan? Show a 95% reliability.

    Two tailed test.

    The null hypothesis is that The dept. of PT will score equal to or greater than the medical center average in quarter 4. The alternative hypothsis is that the dept. of PT will score less than the medical center average.

    Can you please help me set up this problem and solve it. Thank you so very much.

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    This solution conducts a statistical analysis on the mean and standard deviation to find the t-test for two independent samples. It compares the test statistic to the p-value and makes a decision to accept or reject the null hypothesis.