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    Hypothesis Testing of Watching TV

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    I am having a difficult time trying to figure out this problem about a random sample of 480 male and female adults which were asked the amount of time each person spent watching TV last week.

    Their responses are below.

    Gender of Viewer
    Hours Male Female Total
    Under 8 70 90 160
    8 to 15 100 60 160
    15 or more 55 105 160
    225 255

    At the 0.05 significance level, does it appear that the amount of time spent watching TV is related to the gender of the viewer? How would I do this problem?

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    Solution Summary

    This solution presents a null and alternative hypothesis and calculates the chi-square statistic to compare with the p-value. A decision is made to accept or reject the null hypothesis and it determines if a relationship exists between hours watching TV and gender.