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    Hypothesis Testing and Assessing Levels of Significance

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    Perform the following hypothesis tests on the data in spreadsheet HW #1. State the conclusion of the hypothesis tests. The level of significance is 0.05 in each test.

    1. The claim that the average Median SAT is over 1200.
    2. The claim that the proportion of schools with Expenditures/Student over $50,000 is 0.2.
    3. The claim that there is no difference in mean Acceptance Rate between University and Liberal Arts College.
    4. The claim that the variance of Median SAT is less than 4000.

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    1. First, we use the formula in excel to figure out the mean and standard deviation.
    mean=average(C2:C50)=1263.10, standard deviation=stdev(C2:C50)=62.6765 (Both average and stdev are functions in excel).
    Since P value is smaller than 0.05, we could conclude that the average Median SAT is over ...

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