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Statistics: Hypothesis Test for Cobalamine (vitamin B12) in Growing Teens

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The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of cobalamine (vitamin B12) for growing teens is 2.4ug (micrograms). It is generally believed that growing teens are getting less than the RDA of 2.4ug of cobalamine daily. The FDA managed to collect with a 24-hour period blood sample of 10 randomly selected teens around the country. The amounts of cobalamine (in ug) determined in these 10 randomly selected teens are given as follows:

1.85, 2.35, 1.87, 1.90, 1.37, 2.35, 2.55, 2.28, 1.95, 2.49

Based on their national experience, the FDA assumes that the population standard deviation of cobalamine in teens to be 0.56ug. Now, you are asked to weigh in on the dispute between the FDA and ntbnP.

What is the corresponding p-value of the hypothesis test?

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The solution discusses the hypothesis test for cobalamine (vitamin B12) in growing teens.

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Ho: mu> = 2.4 (the mean amounts of cobalamine is equal to or more than 2.4 ug daily)
Ha: mu < 2.4 (the mean amounts of cobalamine is less than 2.4 ug daily)
This is a one-tailed t test.
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