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Five-step hypothesis-testing procedure

I find business and quality managers tend to overlook the use of this tool when making decisions, primarily because of its apparent complexity. Since software packages, including MiniTab, MegaStat, SPSS, and the ubiquitous MS Excel, are readily available to perform the math functions for us, it would be beneficial to obtain practical experience using this powerful tool.

Describe a problem from your field of interest.

Generate a small data set with 3 or 4 categories, and 4 to 8 data entries per category.
Use Lind's usual five-step hypothesis-testing procedure.
Employ one-way ANOVA to make a sound decision for your proposed problem, using either MS Excel (Tools > Data Analysis > ANOVA: Single Factor) or the MegaStat plug-in for the math.

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Five-step hypothesis-testing procedure using MiniTab, MegaStat, SPSS and MS Excel is shown in the solution.