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Computer-interactive Data Analysis

1-Refer to the table below (Computer-interactive Data analysis) that lists the number of years that U.S president and popes and British monarch (since 1690) lived after their inauguration, election, or coronation. Determine whether the survival times for the three groups differ. See attachment for data.

2q-Archaeology: Skull Breadths from different Epochs: samples of head breadths were obtained by measuring skulls of Egyptian males from 3 deferent epochs, and the measurements are listed below: changes in head shape over time suggest that interbreeding occurred with immigrant populations. Use a 0.05 significant level to test the claim that the different epochs do not all have the same mean. What do you conclude? See attachment for data.

3-Which treatment is better? A randomized controlled trial was designed to compare the effectiveness of splitting against surgery in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. The results show below. They are based on evaluations made one year after the treatment. Using a 0.01 significant level, test the claim that success is independent of the type of treatment. What do the results suggest about treating carpel tunnel syndrome? See attachment for data.


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This solution looks at each scenario and provides a null and alternative hypothesis and compares the calculated F-statistic to the p-value and makes a decision to either accept or reject the null hypothesis. All steps are shown with explanations.