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Alternative and Null Hypotheses

We are doing a team project for our statistics class and our project is about "Math Anxiety". We are stuck on one question and the questions are "the teams will state the null and alternative hypotheses, and the theories that support these hypotheses, that will be tested." If you could please explain what they are asking for and some research and summary of this question.

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When we set out to test a new theory, we first formulate a hypothesis, or a claim, which we believe to be true. For example, in this case we can formulate the claim as about 50% of students in the class feel considerable level of anxiety before their Maths exam. Since the value of the population characteristic is unknown, the information provided by a sample from the population is used to answer the question of whether or not the population quantity is larger than the specified or hypothesized value. The hypothesis that we try to ...

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