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AIU - Testing of Hypothesis (Job Satisfaction)

Using AIU's large database of survey responses from the AIU data set, complete the following:
Perform hypothesis testing on one variable's data. (Choose either the intrinsic or extrinsic column.) Perform a t-test by formulating a null and an alternative statement, choosing an acceptable significance value, selecting the test statistic and determining its value from the sample data, comparing the observed value to the critical value obtained and determining whether to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis. Make sure to view the attachment file.

In a separate paragraph, provide some information on when to use a t-test and when to use a z-test and why. Also, provide some information about why samples are used instead of populations.

1) Using the entire data set of 288 responses as if it were a the general population of workers choose a sample of 30, work through a t-test using data from either the extrinsic or intrinsic variables-(e.g. testing the claim that the mean extrinsic satisfaction of of the population is 5.0) following the steps noted below:
1. Name the variable picked for the test and briefly describe the sampling procedure used to select the sample of 30 data points for the variable the sampling. Paste the 30 data points used in the analysis, below this table.
1.a. State clearly the claim being tested
1.b.The Null Hypothesis (in equation format)
1.c.The Alternate Hypothesis (in equation format) (indicate whether the set-up is a one-tailed or two-tailed test)
1.d.The significance level selected and explanation for choice
1.e.The t-test statistic formula used and calculations and result
1.f.The critical t value(s) with explanation
1.d. Conclusion from the test and explanation: (We reject OR we fail to reject the Null and why)
2.a. Explain when a t-test is used, and when a z-test is used, and why.
2.b. Explain clearly and completely why samples are used in hypothesis testing instead of populations.

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