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Analyzing Data and Hypothesis Testing

Raising chickens in commercial chicken farms is a growing industry, as there is a shift from red meat to more white meat. New Jersey Red Chickens are a favorite chicken and the Feed is Us company has a new chicken food that they claim is excellent for increasing weight and naturally it costs more. You have heard this line before and therefore are skeptical but the potential pay off is huge. You buy a small amount and feed it to ten chickens, which you choose at random.

Chicken Weights

At the .01 level of significance is there evidence that the chicken weight exceeds the average chicken weight of 4.35 pounds.

We must analyze the data, and then write up your results. The answer must include:
? Problem Definition
? Secondary Research Article
? Hypothesis Testing
? Explain in everyday words but also have the formal steps show with results)
? Conclusion/recommendation

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Problem definition:

Does this new special feed increase the average weight of chicken?

Here are some articles relating to the wieght of chicken:

Hypothesis test:

Null hypothesis: The feed does not ...

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This solution conducts a hypothesis test to determine if the chicken feed causes the chicken weight to exceed the average chicken weight of 4.35 pounds. The null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis are provided and the test statistic is calculated and compared to the p-value to either accept or reject the null hypothesis. All steps are shown with brief explanations.