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    Test of hypotheses

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    1. From past records, a hospital found that 37% of all full-term babies born in the hospital weighed more than 7 pounds 2 ounces. This year a sample of 100 babies showed that 23 weighed over 7 pounds 2 ounces. At a level of significance of 2%, is there enough evidence to say the percentage has changed?

    2. A recent study stated that the average single person household received at least 37 telephone calls per month. To test the claim, a researcher surveyed 29 single person households and found that the average number of calls was 34.9. The standard deviation of the sample was 6. At a level of significance of 1%, can the claim be rejected?

    3. The manager of a large factory believes that the average hourly wage of the employees is more than $9.78 per hour. A sample of 18 employees has a mean hourly wage of $9.96. The standard deviation of all salaries is $1.42. At a level of significance of 5%, is there enough evidence to support the manager's claim?

    Directions: Test the following hypotheses using the Traditional Method. You must show all the steps involved and the final statement must be phased appropriately for the problem.

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