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    Hypothesis Testing: Proportion of survey response

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    A total of 61,647 people responded to an Elle/ MSNBC.com survey. It was reported that 50% of the respondents were women and 50% men. Of the women, 27% said that female bosses are harshly critical; of the men 25% said that female bosses are harshly critical.

    With this sample data with a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that the percentage of women who say that female bosses are harshly critical is greater than the percentage of men. Does the significance level of 0.05 used in this exercise correspond to the 95% confidence level used for this previous exercise?

    [Let population 1 be women who have female bosses.]



    Test Statistic [Show procedure.] z =


    Conclusion (i.e. decision) on H0:

    Final Conclusion on the claim by using Figure 8-7

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