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Statistics & Tests of Hypothesis

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1. Tests of hypothesis for two populations. List one test statistic that could be used for comparing two populations with hypothesis testing. Can you think of an example where this could be used?

2. Contrary to major television media popular belief, the United States does much good for the world. For example, the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) undertakes many humanitarian efforts throughout the world every year. They currently have a program in Central America to try to understand, and eradicate, a parasite that causes blindness in humans that live in the region. The disease is referred to as River Blindness. It has been given this name because the parasites can infect those who are exposed in the river waters. How could hypothesis testing be used to help reach a cure for the disease?

3. Choose one of these test statistic formulas and explain its components. Then explain how the critical value and p-value is determined for your chosen test statistic.

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