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Only for 103139,103997, 103866, 103940, or 103642 only

Only for above OTA's. All others will be called in. Thank you.
I am having a lot of trouble understanding statistics even thoughI have studied. In an attempt to pull the pieces together,I am looking for the following to be explained. Please only accept this if you are willing to take the time to explain clearly all, a-f for each of the following.
a)Formulas b)when each would be used-what sort of problem to apply it to c)how to apply it, d) why it is applied to a particular problem, e)with math being explained on an elementary level f) real life sample.
Apply to each of the following:
Estimating a Population mean: Large samples
Estimating a population mean, Small samples
Determining sample size required to estimate u ( s.d.known and not known)
Estimating a population proportion
Estimating a population varience
Finding value of test statistic z
Testing a claim about a mean:Large samples
P-value method of testing hypothesis
Testing a claim about a proportion