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Hypothesis Testing: BMI of Men & Women

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Hypothesis Testing: We wish to test the claim that the mean body mass index (BMI) of men is equal to the mean BMI of women. Use the data to the right to test this claim.

State the Null Hypothesis:
State the Alternative Hypothesis:
State the Level of significance:
State the Test Statistic:
Perform Calculations:
Statistical Conclusion:
Experimental Conclusion:

Men Women
20 29
37 28
46 20
23 28
20 42
23 45
21 19
15 45
20 16
28 32
27 38
20 45
30 41
22 34
27 28
38 21
29 42
20 21
16 30
27 28
42 30
37 43
39 40
39 16
32 44
16 15
21 16
26 20
17 41
39 16

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The solution provides a step by step methodology for the calculation of testing a hypothesis. Formula for the calculations and interpretations of the results are also included. An Excel file and Word document are attached.

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