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Weighted percentages

A business operates with 9 locations. Each year, each location is allotted an overtime budget based on the previous years' activity. The total overtime budget for all 9 locations is $10 million. Each activity is also weighted more in the overtime budget. ( ex: production numbers a weighted more than sales because production most likely will take up more over.)

As far as the over time budget production is weighted 35%, Sales 30%, Customer Service 25%, and Accounting 10%.

If one location produced 5.5% of total accounting activity last year, 6.3% customer service, 3.5% in sales and 4.3% in production. What will be this locations overtime allotment for this year?

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production: 35%*4.3/(5.5+6.3+3.5+4.3)=7.6786%
sales: 30%*3.5/(5.5+6.3+3.5+4.3)=5.3571%
Customer ...

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