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    T-Test for a population mean with σ unknown

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    Consider the e-billing case. The mean and the standard deviation of the sample of n = 65 payment times are = 18.7598 and s = 3.9494. Test H0: μ = 19.1 versus Ha: μ < 19.1 by setting α equal to .01 and using a critical value rule and assume normality of the population. (Round your "t" and "t0.01" answers to 3 decimal places and p-value answer to 4 decimal places. Negative value should be indicated by a minus sign. Use a statistical software package - e.g., Minitab, MegaStat, etc., to derive the p-value.)

    t= ____-.694_ (answered)
    t0.01 ?? _________ ?? (prefer excel program please?)
    p-value ??_________ ??

    Do not reject H0 at 0.01. (answered)

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