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Statistics: Index Numbers

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Use the period 1990-1992 as the base period and compute a SIMPLE index of domestic sales for each year from 1996-1999, and do the same for the number of employees for this same period.

Year Domestic International Employees
1990 5427 5805 82.2
1991 6248 6199 82.7
1992 6903 6850 84.9
1993 7203 6935 81.6
1994 7812 7922 81.5
1995 9190 9652 82.3
1996 10899 10721 89.3
1997 11895 10935 91.1
1998 12848 11147 94.3
1999 15385 12086 97.8

See data in attached file:

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Solution Summary

The solution calculates index numbers.

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