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    Responses to Statistic Surveys

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    1. To what extent do the respondents agree with the statement "I attach great importance to credit cards? (1m)" (Give the percentage value of respondents that "strongly agree" and "agree" with the statement).

    2. What is the main reason that most respondents didn't respond to any offer? Please show the frequency table and histograms.

    3. What is the modal age category of the respondents?

    4. Collapse responses regarding "I make only the minimum payments on my credit cards (1e)" into "agree", "neither agree nor disagree" and "disagree". What is the percentage of respondents that agree with the statement? What is the percentage of respondents that disagree with the statement?

    5. Compute the difference of the average response between how people consider the Visa credit card offer to (a) Discover Card and to (b) American Express Optima Card. (Hint: Use compute and please show the "numeric expression" you use in SPSS).

    6. Develop a correlation matrix of "during last 3 years my financial situation has gotten worse (1h)," "Buying things gives me a lot of pleasure (1j)," "I make only minimum payments on credit cards (1e)," and "I generally read all offers that I receive through the mail just to know what they are about(1o)," and interpret on the results.

    7. Run a regression to test simultaneously whether the level of importance a person attaches to credit cards (1m) are affected by "satisfaction with financial situation (1i)", "shopping is fun (1g)", household income and gender. Please interpret the results. (Hint: to create dummy variables, recode Sex of Respondent "Male" as 0 and "Female" as 1, and recode household incomes "<=$39999" as 0 and ">=$40,000" as 1).

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    Different aspects of statistic responses are discussed. For example, collapse responses and regression are discussed.