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Graphical & Tabular Descriptive Summaries

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Using the attached excel file, identify and discuss what makes a Crusty Pizza Company restaurant successful and conversely unsuccessful. Use the data for the 60 stores in worksheet "Case 1 and 2 data".
Use graphical and tabular descriptive statistics. Plan the analysis by using a combination of summaries that best allow you to achieve the Key Objective, such as:
a. Tables (Frequency, percent frequency, contingency) for key variables as they pertain to success
b. Charts: Bar, pie, histograms, line charts, scatter plots, etc., for exploring relationships as they pertain to success
c. In all comparisons, comment on the results and interpret findings as they pertain to the Key Objective.

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2. Descriptive Statistics Paper
Adding to your Week 3 paper, prepare and submit a 1,050-1,750-word paper examining the data you have collected, and drawing conclusions based on your findings. In your paper, be sure to include the following:
a. Data analysis using descriptive statistics
1) Calculate the measures of central tendency, dispersion, and skew for your data
2) Display your descriptive statistical data using graphic and tabular techniques
a) Line graph
b) Bar graph
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b. Conclusions
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